Vertu Signature S Zirconium Alligator Business Luxury Mobile

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100% new machine form
The chassis is made from stainless steel, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation
Crocodile skin covered the back
Super scratch resistant sapphire crystal screen
Under the keys are supported by 12 4.75 karat rubies
Completely handcrafted and perfectly balanced
4 GB memory stores 2000 numbers phonebook


Specifications of Vertu Signature S Zirconium Alligator
This super luxury phone has 4GB internal memory, uses Symbian S40 operating system and Vertu Signature S screen is QVGA 2 inches with high resolution; bluetooth v2.0 +EDR; WLAN 802.11b/g; use the GSM band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; Micro USB connector, support USB OTG device.

What’s more, the 11x15mm Vertu Signature S loudspeakers give listeners a crystal clear, theater-like feel with dual audio ports.

In addition, the removable Li-ion battery, for talk time is 5h30 (GSM), 3h (WCDMA), standby time is 300h.

Product Description
Entirely handcrafted in the UK
Every detail on the Vertu Signature S Zirconium Alligator is assembled by a single artisan with many years of experience, perfected with absolute precision but completely by hand. And the artist’s name will be imprinted under the phone body as a unique imprint.

Carefully selected leather
Each Vertu Signature S Zirconium Alligator is wrapped in a carefully selected leather material that provides excellent grip. Besides, the meticulous stitches by hand also make the skin color keep the freshest and most natural.

Using super durable precious materials to craft
Your class and distinction is reflected when you own a Vertu Signature S Zirconium Alligator. Each of these ultra-luxury phones is assembled from 388 basic mechanical components. The entire chassis is made of precious materials derived from the mineral zircon – lighter than stainless steel, does not corrode. Moreover, it can shine in sunlight due to its strong dispersion coefficient.

The case of the device is covered with crocodile skin, a precious leather material, with unique pattern colors and the more you use it, the softer it gets. Not only that, under each key on the keyboard is cushioned by a ruby ​​ball bearing, for perfect brightness.

In addition, the mic speaker system is made from precious materials to ensure clear, clear voice quality when talking, even in bars or noisy and bustling places.

Own an exclusive ringtone like no other
The difference and interesting of Vertu Signature S compared to all other phones is in the exclusive ringtones and alarm tones. The first-class value of Vertu ringtones is that they are edited, prepared, recorded extremely carefully, carefully, ensuring the best quality; performed by top artists and harmonized by the world-renowned Symphony Orchestra.

Vertu’s ringtones are not only pleasing to the ears, but also very beautiful and unique, attracting the attention of listeners. That is also the reason why Vertu phone ringtones bring newness and class to its owners.


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