Re-Writable LCD Writing Tablet 8.5 Inch E-Notepad Ruff Pad with Screen 21.5cm for Drawing, Playing, Handwriting Gifts and Stylus Pen for Kids & Adults (Black)

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Product description

The drawing and painting pad originated from the parents' needs to teach the kids art, stimulate their imagination, and pass their time. Durable, washable and reusable, the drawing pad provides about 100,000+ writings or signals. You can avoid waste of paper and pencils or other paints to reduce expense and no more mess at home. It's an ideal gift for your 3-year-old boy. Kids love making their own "books" with the Wembley LCD Writing Pad Tablet they can write anything they want, draw anything they want and parents can dictate anything to their child and they can write their heart out. You get more than an LCD writing tablet! It also can be used as a doodle board, doodle pad, kid’s drawing pad, writing board, toddler drawing board, drawing tablet and so on while you write or draw on it. The screen is designed to be pressure-sensitive and the stylus pen allows you to create different width lines. The perfect handwriting practice solution for kids allows them to develop their motor skills and teaches them how to properly hold a pen. A perfect gift for your child with lots of benefits.

Vendor Miniso
Type Stationary
Color Pink, Black, Blue
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