Wireless Mouse for Office Model: CM675W(Pink)

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Product Parameters

Category:Electronics & Electrical Appliances>Digital Accessories>Computer Accessories
Place of origin:CN
Gross Weight:87.600G
Product Material:PP
Package Material:PVC+COLOR CARD
Usage:Remove the battery cover at the bottom of mouse, then take the receiver out and plug it into a USB port on computer. Install 1 AA battery correctly in the battery compartment and put the battery cover back on. Wait for your mouse to finish connecting. Once it completes, you should be able to move the on-screen cursor with your mouse.
Feature:Wireless Mouse
Caution:1. The electrical and electronic equipment should not be disposed of together with household waste. 2. When your equipment reach the end of its service life, consumers are obliged to take it to the point of sale or the public recycling point dedicated to end-of-life treatment of e-waste. You may refer to the domestic law in your country for more details. 3. Users should dispose of old equipment or recycle properly to protect our environment.
Storage Method:Store in a dry and cool place.
Vendor Chinar Cart
Weight 0.0 kg