MINISO Wonderful Season Candle & Reed Diffuser Gift Box(Spring Magic)

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Category:Scented Products>Scented products>Aromatic Products
Sub-category:Scent Diffuser
Place of origin:IN
Gross Weight:550.000G
Product Material:Candle: 50 gms Reed Diffuser: 50ml
Package Material:1.Glass Bottle filled with essential diffuser oil, fragrance. 2.Glass filled with Palm/Paraffin wax, fragrance
Usage:Direction for use: Candle: Take out the Glass Candle from the gift box and place in the centre space within the area of its use. Light the candle and enjoy the fragrance bliss. Reed Diffuser: 1.Remove the Diffuser bottle and Reeds from the gift box. 2.Carefully unscrew cap. Then lift the White plug and remove. Screw cap back on bottle. 3.Insert the reeds through centre of the cap. Let them soak for a few minutes.Remove the reeds and rotate them so that saturated ends are out of the bottle. 4.Rotate the Reeds periodically to refresh the scent. Enjoy the fragrance.
Feature:An elegant combo of Scented Candle & Diffuser - A perfect home fragrance gift set for décor & gifting
Caution:Caution: [CANDLE] 1.When lit on, do not place near inflammable objects. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 2. Be caution when using. Do not place on uneven surface. Do not place in a place facing the wind. [DIFFUSER] Caution: 1. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, flush with water. If required seek medical advice immediately. 2. Do not sprinkle aromatic essential oils on the surface of wood furniture or home fabric. 3. In order to achieve better results, please seal the product after use. 4. Please keep away from heat or fire. 5. Do not eat and keep away from children and pets. 6. Not to be used for body application.
Storage Method:Store it in a dry and cool place, avoid exposure in sunlight or high temperature.
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