MINISO White Cotton Ball 100pcs

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Category:Skin Care & Cleansing Products>Personal Care>personal hygiene
Sub-category:Cotton Pads
Place of origin:IN
Gross Weight:69.800G
Product Material:100% Cotton
Package Material:LDPE 70 micron poly bags (Soft Film)
Usage:Makeup removers, Applying and removing toners, Removing impurities with micellar waters
Feature:Cotton balls are made from 100% pure cotton. Natural cotton is soft and absorbent, 100% gentle and skin friendly. Recommended for cosmetic, Beauty and Hygienic purposes; Ideal for baby care, gently cleanse and dry your baby’s Skin. Microbiologically test, chemical free; Produced & packed untouched by hands.
Caution:Store in a cool and dry place
Storage Method:Store in a cool and dry place
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