MINISO Twinkle Stones Deodorant Body Spray for Men Women, Sea Mist 75ml-Twinkle Stones A-Sea Mist

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Miniso Official Product. Designed by the Japanese designer. This body spray with amazing fragrance tries to bring you the sense of cleanness to your life.

Deodorant for Daily-use. It’s the energizing body mist that gives you all day freshness.

Smelling Great. The body spray is refreshing with a natural scent, keeping you smelling great in between baths.

Easy to Spray. Heal and moisturize your body with our convenient spray.

Long-lasting. spray it in the right way, the fragrance can be long-lasting.

Size 75ml-Twinkle Stones, Mini Mystic, 150ml-Colorful Non-Gas, 150 ml (Pack of 1), Stunning DEO
Style name A-Night Shade, E-Cabernet, A-Mystic Blue, C-Groomster, A-Rose Cloud, C-Vivacious, C-Sky Dreams, Passion, D-Cream Gold, Brilliant, Enchant, A-Sea Mist, Intense, Innocence
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