MINISO Sparking Star Series Manicure Set (5 pcs)

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Category:Makeup Tools>Makeup Tools>Personal Care
Sub-category:Manicure Kit
Place of origin:CN
Gross Weight:101.700G
Product Material:PET, aluminium sash, EVA, PP, stainless steel, carbon steel.
Package Material:PET
Usage:Eyebrow scissors to trim eyebrows. Straight cut nail clipper to trim nails. Cuticle trimmer, Y-shaped design to remove dead cuticle on hands. Nail file to trim nail edges. Double-sided cuticle pusher to remove dirt from nail surface.
Feature:Classic design, good texture, the perfect choice to use for daily use and trips.
Caution:Clean after use, Keep in a cool and dry place away from fire and children.
Storage Method:Keep in room temperature, avoid high temperatures. Keep clean and dry and out of reach of children.
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