Miniso Multifunctional Pure Makeup Cotton Pads

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Category:Skin Care & Cleansing Products>Personal Care>personal hygiene
Sub-category:Cotton Pads
Place of origin:CN
Gross Weight:152.000G
Product Material:100%pure
Package Material:CPE bags
Usage:1、Toner masking:dip the cotton pads into toner or essence,apply on face.2.Hydrating the skin:put toner on the pad,wipe your face gently,make your skin totally absorb the moisture.3、Make up removing:put makeup remover on the pad,wipe your face gently,and the makeup would be removed with ease.4、Cleaning:can be used to clean valuables.
Feature:Made of imported Turish Cotton.Soft silky touching.It is gentle to the skin for makeup removal,With the European Spunlace process and pressed edges qulited design,the cotton pad is lightweight and resistant to shredding.Great for makeup removal or mask.Pressed edges quilted design could be helpful to massage the skin while using.
Caution:Keep it sealed and away from fire. Do not flush down the toilet.
Storage Method:Please store it in a cool dry place.
Vendor Miniso
Weight 0.0 kg