Miniso Mouth Mask (Black)

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Sub-category:Disposable Mouth Mas
Place of origin:CN
Gross Weight:37.800G
Product Material:Hydrophilic polyurethane
Package Material:OPP
Usage:1.Tear open the package to take out the mouth mask. 2.Ensure the pointed side of the mask is facing up, and the flat side is facing down. 3.Open the mouth mask with hands and slip the earloops over both ears. 4.Adjust the position to fit comfortably and closely.
Feature:1. Smooth and soft, delicate and skin-friendly;2. 3D design with soft flat ear loops, fit the shape of face, comfortable to wear.3. Anti-dust and breathable.
Caution:1.Children and people who suffer from respiratory disease shall use with caution. 2.Keep away from high temperatures and fire. 3.Please do not tear the product to avoid breaking it.
Storage Method:Keep sealed in a sanitary and dry place. Avoid lights.
Vendor Miniso
Weight 0.0 kg