MINISO Men's Long Handle Razor (10 Pack)

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Category:Makeup Tools>Makeup Tools>Personal Care
Place of origin:CN
Gross Weight:77.100G
Product Material:Stainless Steel, PS
Package Material:OPP
Usage:1. Soak the cartridge in warm water for 1-2 minutes. 2. Wet the areas to be shaved. 3. Put some shave foam on skin and start shaving.
Feature:1. Super value, highly cost effective. 2. Sharp and durable blades imported from Sweden. 3. 2-blade and long handle design for a clean and easy shave. 4. Anti-slip design for enhanced grip. 5. Lubricating strip contains aloe vera extract and vitamin E to provide a comfortable shave and protect skin from nicks and cuts.
Caution:1. Keep out of reach of children. 2. Do not touch the blades to avoid cuts.
Storage Method:Clean after each shave, shake off excess water and leave to air dry. Put back the blade cover and store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
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