Miniso Kuromi Birthday Series Phone Holder for Desk

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Category:Electronics & Electrical Appliances>Digital Accessories>Cellphone Accessories
Sub-category:Phone Holder
Place of origin:CN
Gross Weight:144.900G
Product Material:PVC
Package Material:PVC+BOX
Usage:1. Put the phone holder on the desk. 2. Put your cellphone or tablet of proper size firm.
Feature:Can be used as phone holder and decorative ornament.
Caution:1. Make sure the phone holder and your electronic device is stable. Do not shake or strike. 2. Do not detach by force or bend to excess. 3. Do not scrape against it with sharp objects. Keep away from high temperature and fire.
Storage Method:Keep away from fire and moisture. Store in a dry place.
Vendor Miniso
Weight 0.0 kg