Miniso Deep Cleansing Nose Strips(Tea Tree)

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Category:Skin Care & Cleansing Products>Skincare>Masks
Sub-category:Nose Strips
Place of origin:IN
Gross Weight:12.000G
Product Material:NON WOVEN
Package Material:POLY PACK
Usage:1. Wet you nose thoroughly.2. Take out the nose strip from the pack.3. Apply the shiny part of the nose strip toward to nose keeping the nose round cut downwards.4. Keep it for 15 mins5. Peel off the nose strip6. Clean, Clear & Soft nose are ready blackhead free.
Feature:1. Instantly Unclogs your pores 2.Reduces Blackheads 3.Removes Excess oil from your nose pores. 4. Acts as a blackhead removal magnet.
Caution:1. Store it in a cool place, avoid direct sun exposure. 2. If any discomfort or allergic symptom occurs, discontinue use. 3. For External Use only, use immediately after opening the packet. 4. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. 5. Keep out of reach from Children
Vendor Miniso
Weight 0.0 kg