MINISO Compressed Facial Mask (38Pcs)

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Category:Skin Care & Cleansing Products>Personal Care>personal hygiene
Sub-category:Compressed Facial Ma
Place of origin:CN
Gross Weight:91.000G
Product Material:viscose
Package Material:PVC,OPP
Usage:1. Wet a compressed mask with toner or essence. 2. After it expands in size, apply it onto face. 3. Leave it on face for 15-30 minutes until it is half dry. Remove mask and rinse face clean with water.
Feature:Barrel-shaped package, products inside are individually packed, super soft, absorbent, fits the skin, can be used anytime anywhere.
Caution:Keep out of reach of children. Do not reuse this product or flush it into the toilet.
Storage Method:Store in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight.
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