MINISO Best Wishes Tealight(Rose Beauty)

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Category:Scented Products>Scented products>Aromatic Products
Place of origin:IN
Gross Weight:200.000G
Product Material:Paraffin Wax, Palm Wax, Perfume.
Package Material:Candle Container: Aluminium Cup
Usage:Tealight candles are used for heating scented oil through ceramic burners. They are suitable for accent lighting and may be lit in multiples for decorative purpose.
Feature:Miniso tealight candles liquefy completely while lit, thereby enhancing the effect of it's scent & color when lit in multiples
Caution:Always use a candle holder and ensure burning candle is placed on a heat resistant surface.
Storage Method:Store it in a dry and cool place, avoid exposure in sunlight or high temperature.
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