MINISO Fabulous Fragrance Diffuser Oil set

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Product Parameters

Category:Scented Products>Scented products>Aromatic Products
Sub-category:Scent Diffuser
Place of origin:IN
Gross Weight:250.000G
Product Material:Glass Bottle with screw cap filled with essential diffuser oil, perfume
Package Material:4x 10ml Glass Bottles with screw cap filled with essential diffuser oil, perfume in duplex mono box
Usage:Direction for use: Remove packaging and unscrew the cap of your chosen fragrance oil and tilt it directly over the top of the ceramic burner filled with water. Add and allow few drops of fragrance oil (10 to 15 drops for mild fragrance and/or 25 to 30 drops for a stronger one) to blend with water and then underneath the bowl place a lighted tea light candle in the place provided for at the bottom of the burner. The aroma oil blended with water evaporate as steam, letting the aroma of the fragrance oil fill the room. Place your ceramic burner near the center of your chosen room/area to let the fragrance distribute evenly around the space.
Feature:Elegant & unique collection of sweet&spicy, floral, sexy and earthy scents from Miniso. A pack of four assorted fragrance oils curated carefully for all your home aroma needs, elegantly packed to make a great gift set to be gifted for housewarming, birthdays, events & wedding and many other occassions. Perfect fragrances for home, work, workout, and/or dinner date. The gift set comes with 4 x 10ml fragrance oil bottles filled with four different elegant aromas you would love to gift someone you love & care. The Fragrance oil works it's magic of evaporating and spreading the fragrance blended into it when a few drops of the fragrance oil are added to water using the oil ceramic burner.
Caution:Caution/Warning: Not for body application. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If swallowed or in case of contact with skin & eyes wash & rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice if required. Harmful to aquatic organics with long lasting effects. Do not empty into drains.
Storage Method:Keep in a cool and dry place
Vendor Miniso
Type Fragrance
Fragrance Apple spice, Antasy peach
Weight 0.0 kg