Miniso China Panda Bamboo Fiber Compressed Mask Sheet (35 pcs)

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Product Parameters

Category:Skin Care & Cleansing Products>Personal Care>personal hygiene
Sub-category:Compressed Facial Ma
Place of origin:CN
Gross Weight:63.120G
Product Material:bamboo fiber
Package Material:OPP
Usage:Place the mask sheet into a container filled with lotion, wait until the water get fully absorbed and take it out. Apply the mask sheet evenly on your face after cleansing face, wait for 15mins to peel off.
Feature:1. made of high-quality plant fiber, soft, light and comfortable. 2. using draping technology to fit your face nicely. 3. compressed mask sheets, quickly absorbing liquids. 4. individually packaged, easy to carry.
Caution:Do not flush down the toilet. Keep out of reach of children. Disposable product. Do not reuse.
Storage Method:Keep sealed in a cool and dry place away from fire and water.Keep out of reach of children.
Vendor Miniso
Type Beauty
Weight 0.0 kg