Miniso 3.5mm Metal Half-in-ear Earphones (Black)

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Product Parameters

Category:Electronics & Electrical Appliances>Digital Accessories>Audio devices
Sub-category:3.5mm In-ear Earphon
Place of origin:CN
Gross Weight:39.000G
Product Material:TPE, metal.
Package Material:paper
Usage:1. Plug and play. 2. Do not use it with high-power players. 3. Function button: when a call comes, press once to answer. During a call, press once to hang up; For some cellphone, you need long press to hang up. When the music is playing, press once to pause, twice for the next track, three times for the previous track.
Feature:Comfortable to wear.
Caution:1. Keep away from water and fire. Do not pull the cord or disassemble the product. 2. It is recommended to try it out before purchase. 3. The packaging contains important information and should be kept.
Storage Method:Store in a cool and dry place.
Vendor Miniso
Type Earphones
Weight 0.0 kg